How to Pick the Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragons

best bearded dragon thermometer

Constantly monitoring the overall wellbeing of your pet even after setting up the enclosure is very important for your pet bearded dragon to stay healthy and live a long life.

In the wild, bearded dragons are accustomed to a certain level of heat and humidity and the idea with an artificial enclosure is to replicate the natural home.

Since bearded dragons are native to the semi-arid regions of Australia, and they spend most of the day basking in the sun, it is obvious that they love the heat and that it is good for their health.

In order to expose your pet to the right amount of heat to prevent it from getting sick from too much or too little heat, a thermometer needs to be used, and that is why we have this buying guide and product reviews to take you through the best thermometers for bearded dragons.

Being cold-blooded, they depend on the heat of their external environment for thermoregulation.

An optimum amount of heat helps in digestion and general body function and good health.

Depriving your pet beardie of the right amount of heat makes them more likely to suffer from chronic infections.

The Best Thermometers for Bearded Dragon

1. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080

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Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

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First on our list of the best bearded dragon thermometers is this Etekcity Lasergrip 1080.

It is one product that provides you with the best results at a decent price.

You can select between Fahrenheit and Celsius and get an accurate reading within the optimum reading distance of 14” to 17”.

Because of its laser design, you can get faster temperature readings and measure the temperature of the entire enclosure faster.

There is an easy to read screen and a powerful battery, all to make your user experience better.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • It comes in a big size

2. Sensorpush Wireless Thermometer/ Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

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Sensorpush Wireless Thermometer/ Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

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Next on our list of best bearded dragon thermometers is this Sensorpush Wireless Thermometer/ Hygrometer.

It makes use of advanced technology that makes it very useful.

You attach the thermometer itself to the part of the enclosure whose temperature reading most interests you and then you can get the reading on the app on your phone conveniently.

The readings are very accurate and the product is very durable.

To measure the temperature of the entire enclosure, make multiple purchases and attach them at various points of your pet’s enclosure.

This thermometer is able to track up to 20 days of data and you will be alerted about any critical temperatures from the app if you are within the Bluetooth range.

So you can more adequately take care of your pet and meet up with its temperature needs.

The battery is long-lasting and you will only need to change it after a year.


  • Very accurate
  • Readings can be gotten from a phone via the app
  • Alerts you when there is a critical rise or drop in temperature
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • Can track up to 20 days’ worth of data


  • It is expensive
  • Needs to be set up through Bluetooth

3. Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

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Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

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This is one affordable and reliable product you can use to care for your bearded dragon’s heat needs.

It doesn’t have a lot of features but performs the basic job of measuring the temperature of your pet’s enclosure and doing so accurately.

It makes use of a probe and gives you quick readings from various areas of the enclosure.

It has a digital display which could be a bit difficult for those with eye defects, but in all the readings are straightforward.

Its battery life is long-lasting and so you can use it comfortably without fear.

Depending on your preferred scale, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Gives reliable readings
  • It is easy to use
  • It doesn’t take up space
  • Has a long-lasting battery


  • Its accuracy may drop as the battery power diminishes

4. Zoo Med Repti Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Zoo Med Repti Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer

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This thermometer uses infrared technology to check for temperature and provide quick readings.

It is easy to use as you get your readings by pointing the thermometer in the desired direction and pressing a button.

Its display is also easy to read and you have the choice of either a Celsius scale or a Fahrenheit scale.

Being easy to use, allows you to measure different areas of the enclosure easily so that you can better manage your pet’s heat needs.

The battery is long-lasting and also easy to change.

The min/max functions allow you to test different temperature ranges, allowing you more room to explore.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Provides you with great value for your money
  • Readings are accurate
  • Provides fast readings


  • Doesn’t measure ambient temperature

5. Qooltek Mini Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display

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Qooltek Mini Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display

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This thermometer is very affordable but nonetheless accurate and effective as you can also measure the ambient temperature of the enclosure.

This means it can measure the temperature of the entire enclosure conveniently from a point where you install it.

Its display is easy to read and shows the temperature in Fahrenheit only.

The batteries are long-lasting and its small size doesn’t take up much space in the enclosure.

So all you have to do with this product is to set it up and you can check the readings whenever you have the need for it.


  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • A small size that takes up no space in the enclosure


  • Only reads in Fahrenheit

Complete Guide for Best Thermometer for Bearded Dragon

The use of a thermometer for your pet beardie can be divided into two phases.

Its first phase of use is in the early stages of setting up the bearded dragon enclosure to be sure that the environmental temperature is right for your pet.

This will help you decide if there would be a need for permanent heating equipment.

In its second phase of use, it monitors the environmental temperature of the enclosure.

The proper mounting location of the thermometer is vital for accurate readings and in the event of a sudden change in temperature, proper steps towards correcting the change should be implemented immediately.

The optimum heat level for bearded dragons is about 400 Celsius (1040 Fahrenheit).

The acceptable temperature gradients for them is about 240 to 340 Celsius (750 to 930 Fahrenheit).

Types of Thermometers

There are different types of thermometers in the market, but you can choose from these three for use in your pet’s enclosure.

  1. Analog Thermometer: analog thermometers do not require the use of batteries to have them working. They have a scale already printed on them and are graduated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  2. Digital Thermometer: digital thermometers have a screen from which the temperature readings can be gotten. They need batteries as their source of power.
  3. Chemical Thermometers: these types of thermometers contain a chemical substance whose property changes with temperature change and is matched against a scale. An example of a chemical thermometer is the mercury thermometer.

How to Set Up the Thermometer for Your Bearded Dragon

The material that makes up your pet’s enclosure cover plays an important part in temperature and humidity control.

Enclosure covers of plastic or glass would typically trap air inside the enclosure and cause the air inside to be stagnant.

Stagnant and stale air would give rise to respiratory infections for your bearded dragon.

Ensure that you alter such settings before you mount the thermometer, but if this set up can’t be changed, the best thing to do would be to mount the thermometer on the terrarium.

A good thermometer is important for accurate readings, and so also is the availability of proper ventilation.

Good ventilation in the enclosure helps to reduce humidity levels inside.

A good way to encourage ventilation is with the use of mesh wired screen covers.

The resultant ventilation will help dissipate noxious gases that accumulate inside the enclosure due to your pet’s respiration and defecation.

Apart from the need for proper ventilation to get the correct humidity and temperature levels, it will also give your pet fresh and healthy air to breathe.

Clean air equals a healthy and happy pet.

Things to Look Out For In a Good Thermometer for Bearded Dragon

There are a lot of products available for purchase in the market, and without proper guidance, you could end up with a product that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

That is why we have this guide ready to take you from start to finish on what you need to consider when making a purchase of a thermometer for your bearded dragon.


The cost of most thermometers is low even though it gives you accurate readings.

Accurate readings are primary but then again you need a thermometer that doesn’t break easily and constantly needs replacing because, in the long run, you would have spent a lot of money.

Before you purchase a thermometer, make sure it is strong enough to last you for a reasonable period before changing it.


Different thermometers read temperatures with different degrees of accuracy and you should take note of this when making your purchase.

Check for customer reviews on a product online to know what others are saying about it, and also check for the manufacturer’s specification.

All of these will give you an idea of how accurate the thermometer is, and the more its accuracy, the better it is for your bearded dragon.

Source of Power

Most thermometers in the market are powered by batteries and so it is important that you know how long the batteries can provide power to the thermometer.

A thermometer that requires constant replacement of batteries will incur more cost on you in the long run.

Fahrenheit vs Celsius

Check that the scale of the thermometer you are purchasing is one that you are used to. This will allow for easy reading and convenient use.

Method of Reading

Each thermometer has its own reading method, so before you make a pick you need to consider its pros and cons and be sure that it is what you want.


Ambient thermometers take measurements by sitting in the area whose temperature is to be measured.

They are easy to use but are not as fast in getting ready to take a reading, and moving them from their position disrupts the reading.


Thermometers that read with the use of a probe take readings when the probe which is stick-like is introduced to the area whose temperature needs to be measured.

You can get specific and fast readings with this method, and also air temperatures.


The infrared reading method is the most advanced that is being used by thermometers.

They are very quick and accurate in their readings and are user friendly.

They are more expensive than the rest as you might have guessed, and can’t be used to measure air temperatures.

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Our Top Pick

Etekcity 774 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

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Commonly Asked Questions About Bearded Dragon Thermometers

What Temperature Should a Bearded Dragon’s Tank Be?

Since bearded dragons are from semi-desert regions, their tanks need to have enough heat as that is what they are used to.

The hot side of the tank should be between 95F0 to 110F0, and the cool side should be about 85F0.

Where Should I Put The Thermometer In My Bearded Dragon Tank?

If you want to take readings using a probe, place it directly in the area whose temperature you want to measure and leave it for 45 minutes, then read the temperature.

How Long Can Bearded Dragons Go Without Heat?

Bearded dragons should always have access to heat, especially during the day so that it can have the energy for all its activities and body processes.

Keeping your pet away from heat for more than 24 hours could have serious health consequences.

Can Bearded Dragons Die From Too Much Heat?

Too much heat in your pet beardie’s enclosure could lead to dehydration of your pet, and this is very dangerous.


With the thermometers reviewed here, you can keep track of your bearded dragon’s enclosure and meet up with its heat needs properly.

In all the products here are good and no matter the choice you make, you will surely get great value for your money.