3 Best Bearded Dragon Hammocks That He Will Love

best bearded dragon hammock

What every pet owner wants is a happy and healthy pet, and as demanding as that may sound, it is easier than you might imagine.

Including the best bearded dragon hammock for the enjoyment of your beardie provides a more relaxed spot for it to bask or take a nap.

Since bearded dragons can sometimes sleep for a few weeks due to brumation, putting them in the most comfortable position is the best choice you can make for them.

A hammock is also essential as a spot they can go to just to relax and apart from this, it also stimulates activity in your beardie and so it is definitely a good addition to your pet’s enclosure.

The Best Bearded Dragon Hammocks

Bearded Dragon Large Hammock

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Our Top Pick

Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger

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Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger is made from purely natural materials and is pet friendly.

The suction cups are strong enough to bear the weight of your 420g bearded dragon comfortably.

Adding a little water to the cups helps it stay firmer.

You can be sure that your beardie will love this product as it is not toxic, and provides enough space for him.


  • Its suction cups are strong and can hold your pet
  • It is the ideal hammock for 20-gallon tanks
  • Takes up little space in the enclosure


  • The material can make it difficult to clean

Baby Bearded Dragon Hammock

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Our Top Pick

Bearded Dragon Hammock 100% Natural Seagrass Triangular Lizard Lounger

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This is a hand-woven product made with seagrass, so if you are one of those who want to go all-natural, this is the best product for you.

It is perfect for glass, plastic, and acrylic tanks as it will mount perfectly in the corner.

The three suction cups that have been included make it sturdy so that your pet doesn’t fall off and the hemp ropes help to better attach the suction cups to the hammock.

It is recommended that you hang one part of the hammock higher than the other so that your beardie can regulate its temperature by moving higher or lower.

No matter the age of your bearded dragon, it will benefit from this product.


  • You have a lot of options to attach this to your pet’s enclosure
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • It is good for use with all reptiles


  • It has to stay dry always or it will lose its integrity

Bearded Dragon Basking Hammock

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Our Top Pick

Niteangel 2 Packs Breathable Mesh Reptile Hammock

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Made from breathable mesh and durable nylon construction makes it safe for your beardie.

The addition of the suction cups to this product makes it easier for you to mount it, and you can put it in several positions depending on your choice.

Your pet is sure to love this product as it is a great choice to make the enclosure more natural and homely.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Has a nice smell
  • Small size which is comfortable enough for your pet but doesn’t take up the whole space
  • Great value for your money


  • The suction cups do not adhere to all surfaces

Complete Guide for Bearded Dragon Hammocks

You might take one look at your bearded dragon and conclude that it is doing very well and doesn’t need a hammock, but how true is that?

Just like other animals, being active is good for your pet and on their own, you will notice that they are quite calm, and adding a hammock to the enclosure provides opportunities for your pet to have some fun as it can climb around and even bask on it.

Bearded dragons can sleep for a long time and providing them good comfort as they sleep is what every good pet parent would want.

You can achieve this with the use of a hammock.

The design of a bearded dragon’s hammock is similar to those of humans with similar functions too.

So basically when you purchase a hammock for your beardie, you create an avenue for basking, lounging, a hiding place, and also a stimulant for activity.

As relaxing and fun as a hammock may seem for your pet, it may not get on it right away after your purchase and installation.

Don’t get worried about this as it is normal for them to take some days to look at it and get used to the idea of having it in their home.

Setting Up the Bearded Dragon Hammock

Most bearded dragon hammocks have installation accessories to make installation easier, and once installed it may not be possible to move the hammock to a new location.

So you need to carefully observe your pet’s favorite spot in the terrarium and mount the hammock there.

A good spot to consider mounting is close to your pet’s basking area.

This way your pet can easily relax after getting enough heat and UV radiation.

The suction cups that you will find will be helpful in the installation.

Before you purchase a hammock, take note of the suction cups and its action with the enclosure material.

Not all suction cups work well with some materials and so careful consideration before purchase would go a long way to make installation easy.

For example, some suction cups do not attach well with wood and so if the material in your pet’s enclosure is made of wood, using such suction cups would be a problem.

If you, however, find yourself in a situation where the suction cups cannot mount on the enclosure wall, you will have no other choice but to make use of other means even if it will reduce the beauty of the entire setup.

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Our Top Pick

BEADNOVA Suction Cup Hooks 2.5 Inches

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The first thing that may cross your mind to use is superglue.

This choice is an absolute no because the smell of superglue can cause your pet to get drowsy.

A better choice of an adhesive to use is silicon.

Be careful when using silicon though because the volatile organic compound can be harmful to your pet.

How to Hang a Hammock

  • Connect the hammock ropes to the suction cups
  • Choose the right height you want to mount the hammock, bearing in mind that the curved front of the hammock should be low enough for your beardie to easily climb onto
  • Clean the tank and sucker so that the suction cup can easily stick to the wall of the enclosure
  • Now stick the hammock through the suction cups to the wall of your pet’s enclosure

DIY Bearded Dragon Hammock

If you are on a tight budget, or you prefer to get things done by yourself, then you can easily make a hammock for your bearded dragon.

You may choose to weave the material or sew it using a mesh or fabric material but the important thing is to get the dimensions right and have methods of attachment included (suction cups or attachment hooks).

If your pet’s enclosure is made of wood, it would be better for you to opt for attachment hooks.

Things to Look Out For In a Good Bearded Dragon Hammock

There are a lot of bearded dragon hammocks in the market and making a choice could be confusing.

This guide will help you in making the best pick amongst the lot so that what you get would serve its purpose properly.

The following are important considerations to be made before you purchase a hammock for your reptile:

1. Compatibility

Not every hammock suction cup will attach to the material of your pet’s enclosure.

So before you make any purchase, bear this in mind so you can install easily and retain the beauty of your pet’s enclosure.

2. Size

There are different sizes of hammocks you will see, and the best one to get is that which will fully accommodate your bearded dragon.

3. Durability

Choose durable products as they will last for long as serve your pet well.

Having to replace them constantly will not only inconvenience you but will also have you spending more in the long run.

Remember that your pet can live for as long as 12 years.

4. Safety

The safety of your pet as they use the product should be an important factor to consider.

This implies that the material used in the construction should not in any way be harmful to your bearded dragon.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Good hygiene is good health for your pet.

So to properly care for your beardie, buy a hammock that can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

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Our Top Pick

Fluker’s Super Scrub Organic Reptile Habitat Cleaner

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6. Mesh or Non-Mesh

You have mesh and non-mesh options of hammocks to choose from.

Mesh designs are mostly made from grass and are the perfect option if you aim to make your pet’s enclosure as natural as possible.

Using mesh options provides you with benefits like relief from itching, and helping with the process of shedding.

Its downsides, however, include the risk of your pet’s claws or feet being stuck in the mesh.

It is also not easy to clean this type of hammock due to their material and so instead of a washing machine, they would be hand cleaned with a brush.

7. Heat Resistance

The choice of the perfect material also depends on the location the hammock would be placed.

If you intend to place it in the basking area, then the hammock material should be such that it can withstand being in the heat for long hours.

Apart from the hammock material, carefully choosing the product with the right suction cup is very helpful as some suction cups lose their hold after long exposure to heat.

8. Appropriate Suction Cups

The suction cups hold the hammock in place and so you need to be sure that the suction cup can bear the weight of your bearded dragon without giving way.

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Our Top Pick

Niteangel 2 Packs Breathable Mesh Reptile Hammock

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Commonly Asked Questions About Bearded Dragon Hammocks

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb?

Yes, bearded dragons like to climb and so you have to provide sturdy and secure climbing areas so that your beardie doesn’t fall off.

Are Hammocks Good For Bearded Dragons?

Yes, hammocks are good for bearded dragons.

A hammock is a good place for your bearded dragon to rest.

It also stimulates activity in your pet as they have to climb and even jump on it.

Time to Set Up the Hanging Mat

With the best bearded dragon hammock, you can now ensure that your beardie is active and relaxed.

The products reviewed here have proven to be some of the best choices in the market so you can be sure that whatever you go with, your pet will thank you.